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The Colorado Common Interest Act (CCIOA), September 7, 2021, paragraph 38-33.3-317, (3.5), b (I) and (II), states the association may publish to other members or residents a person’s telephone number, email address or both if the association has obtained written approval.  Written consent remains valid until a member withdraws his or her consent in writing.  (Note: Information considered public including owner’s name, BMR address, lot number, and mailing address may be published without written approval).


DISCUSSION:    The BMR Association would like to publish a member contact list to the “member only” portion of the website.   This contact list allows neighbors to contact other neighbors within the association.  Members are only granted access to the member only section of the website after validating they own a lot within BMR.  The contact list will include “public” information as described above, but the association would also like to include email addresses and telephone numbers which requires written approval. This contact list will be maintained on the BMR Website in a secure/password protected area that only BMR residents approved by the Association have access to enter.



By selecting "I consent" you give the BMR Association approval to correspond with you via email and to publish your phone number and email addresses to other BMR residents.   Your written approval remains valid until the association receives a written request to remove or change your information.  Note: you may request such written removal or change directly on the website.


Owners' Association Values & Vision Statement


Owners are committed to preserving the beauty of the land, maintaining our natural vistas, conserving our wildlife and minimizing the impact of activities on our neighbors.   We accomplish this by partnering with each other to create a welcoming community based on trust and respect.

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